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Our Story

LMN Printing Co., Inc. was established in 1971 by Luis and Mary Carro. Mr. and Mrs. Carro, both natives of Puerto Rico, wanted a better life for themselves and their four daughters. As Mr. Carro had experience as a pressman and foreman, he decided to open his own printing company in New York. In 1971, LMN Printing Co., Inc. opened for business with a used press purchased for $125. The company's name was derived from the initials of all the family members: "L" for Luis, "M" for Mary and "N" for Nancy, Nanette, Noreen and Nora. LMN Printing Co., Inc. became a true family business.

The Carro family built an enterprise from a start-up with first-year revenues of $10,000 to one with annual sales in excess of $2,000,000. LMN Printing Co., Inc. employs more than 30 people in two locations, most of them drawn from the minority sector. Major clients include Citibank, Chemical Bank, Fleet Bank, Air France, New York Power Authority, Long Island Lighting Company, National Knights of Columbus and many more.

Following Mr. Carro's death in 1996 his four daughters assumed leadership of the company and now operate both locations, 118 N. Ridgewood Ave. Florida and 23 West Merrick Rd. Valley Stream NY.

LMN also supports the Luis Carro Memorial Fund, March of Dimes, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Missing Children Foundation, Toys for Tots program, and other local organizations.

As operators of LMN Printing Co., Inc. the Carro family's goals have always been to provide good service, quality and fair pricing. The family is proud that LMN Printing Co., Inc. has not only achieved these goals, but is well on its way to surpassing them.

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